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Advertising agency which specializes in online advertising and digital strategies development. Our team consists of 6 departments.
Our team
Publisher Relations Team
The Publisher Relations Team engages and contracts website owners, helps to place different web ads formats on their websites and maximize the profit from traffic monetization, monitors traffic volumes and constantly improves its quality.
Advertiser Relations Team
The Advertiser Relations Team supervises relationships with the digital product owners interested in advertising, supports contracting processes, and helps to launch, analyze and scale the advertising campaigns according to the customers' requirements and KPIs.
Optimization Team
The Optimization Team moderates the campaigns created by the advertisers, checks the content quality, picks the most effective creatives, customizes and launches advertising campaigns according to the advertisers' requests, analyzes the results and suggests ways of improving.
Marketing Team
The Marketing Team increases the brand awareness and engages both advertisers and website owners using a number of marketing channels: blog, email, PPC campaigns, social networks and forums, media, influencers, expos and webinars, etc. Also, it studies the customer behavior and requirements to develop the service.
Policy Team
The Policy Team analyzes the user behavior to detect any non-compliance with the terms of service and also checks the traffic quality and the advertising campaigns content. We use both complex machine algorithms to monitor the entire system 24/7 and individual checking of specific cases when requested by clients and managers.
CPA-Affiliate Team
The CPA-Affiliate Team helps the traffic arbitrage professionals to get access to the best offers from the trusted advertisers, and provides the latter with scaling due to the large volume of quality traffic from various sources using the CPA model.
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